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Midream Program Designed for each purpose of study

The program designed for those who completed Bachelor and go further up to Master's program in Japan. A lot of training and research on their specific field will be required. We provide the very best assistance for each student.

Students learn basic Japanese knowledge for their life in Japan as well as academic language skills to pass the exam. From the second year, students start focusing on each goal University and work on the exam preparation.

Very special course to enter Art University. A bit of drawing experience and N3(JLPT) language level is required to take this program. If student's language skill is less than requirement, we provide general Japanese class as a preparation.

Career College is the place to learn very practical techniques for jobs. The course genre overs everything from cooking, make-up art, music to computer coding. Get trained in the most advanced industry.

Learn everything you need to start living and working in Japan. Not only language but we offer various cultural lessons. Best way to learn language fast is to get involved in the culture.

Learn Japanese language in the most efficient way taking advantage of one to one lessons. Before starting lessons, we learn student's needs and design very special curriculum only for the student.

High Visa Success Rate!


Since 1985, Midream has been chosen the one to learn Japanese for the higher education and career. Midream school is located right in the heart of Tokyo which is very convenient for every purpose. We fully support students from all over the world for their life in Japan and futher education or career.

Why Study in Japan!

Able to learn state-of-the-art technology
Perfect academic environment
Abundance of part-time jobs for students

Student's Voice

Hello, I'm from Yemen. I have been studying here at Midream School for 6 months and thanks to my great teacher, now I have successfully aquired enough language skills for most occasions in my daily life in Japan.


We provide students a school domitory. It's easy and secured, all necessary utensils are provided. Utility fees are included in the price.

Kitchen Bath/Shower Security Door
Fridge Utensils Stove
Microwave TV Internet
WiFi Elevater Bed
New Blancket Desk/Chair