About Us

School Name Midream School of Japanese Language
Foundation 1985
Building 5 Story Building
Capacity 360 Students
Organization Nihon Gaigo Kyoikukai
Award - Designated school by Immigration Bureau of Japan/
- Certified school by School of Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education


Midream School is located at the center of Tokyo downtown. It's a very convenient place for every purpose not only shopping but the number of hiring for parttime jobs is highest in Japan. Why don't you take this advantage for your study in Japan?


Easy to start off your life in Japan. For students to start off their lives in Japan at ease, we have a school dormitory. Internet, TV, AC, Kitchen appliance and other facilities necessary for a daily life are already prepared. It is located only 20 minutes away from school and is a very convenient neighborhood.


Some people are surprised when they hear that yes, you can home stay in Japan! Although Japanese houses are comparably smaller to those overseas, there are plenty of families who want to host students or travelers from abroad, and there are more and more every year! We recommend a home stay for anyone wishing to know or see more of Japan.

Student dorm

Job Hirings Information and Japan Life Support

Parttime Job Hirings

Part timejob hiring information is well organized on the student PCs and bulletin board at school so that students can get the up-to-date information all the time at ease. There is a sample of resume right by the information and students can apply for a job anytime under our staff’s consultation.

Japan Life Support

We are responsible for students' daily life. Any trouble will be solved under our consultation. No need to worry about getting a cellphone, openning a bank account or any other official application. Please ask us anything that you are not sure about.

Part time Jobs

Estimate of Study in Japan

Temporary Work Permit

Students have a pemporary work permit for 28 hours a week.

JPY Half a Year 1 Year Income
Tuition: 390,000 705,000 Student average income: 1,050JPY/Hr
Rent: 270,000 540,000
Deposit: 90,000 90,000 Maximum working hour: 28hrs/week
Utility: 36,000 72,000
Cellphone: 21,000 42,000 Total Income: 1,058,400JPY(9 months)    
Transport: 30,000 60,000
Board: 180,000 360,000
Allowance: 60,000 120,000








1 Year Budget: 930,000 (9,300USD)